Becoming a contract farmer with Deevabits Kenya!


Thank you for your interest, it is great that you have space to grow/breed Rabbits, the market for rabbit meat has grown bigger than our Rabbit farm can provide, instead of starting a new farm, we would like to share our knowledge of breeding rabbits with ambitious farmers out there who want to boost their income.


In short how it works:

  • You come for a course which will cost you Ksh 3,000.

  • We advise you exactly what to feed the rabbits, how much and when, where to get it and how much you need.

  • Included in the training is a 5 year contract that guarantees that we will buy back all the rabbits you can produce in the next 5 years after which we will sign another contract with you since contract are not legal for longer than 5 years.


Earning Potential

Click to view the business plan and earning potential with the respective number of rabbit breeds:



Since your rabbits need 3 months to grow to sell date this venture will produce your first sellable offspring at 4-5 months from the females that arrive pregnant at your home with cages. Since the first pregnancy is the most risky and you loose most of the offspring due to the mothers still being unsure of what is happening to them the fourth month after starting to breed rabbits is really the first month you start earning the rewards of your farming labor.


Since after the first pregnancy you can serve your own rabbits with your own males and know exactly when she will kindle, then the quantities of the young will also be between 6 and 14 and you will have much more rabbits bearing young at the same time so you can foster young with other parents etc. all explained in the course and in the manual that you receive with the course, people that can’t read will work for 3 to 5 days with the farmer on one of our farms to ensure that they learn what they need to make a success of their Rabbit Farming business.


Continued support during the 5 years contract is also a given so you will not sit alone trying to figure out anything, help is always an e-mail or telephone call away.


For those who are thinking of keeping their females after breeding a few of their own you can very quickly push up your earning potential to bigger numbers.


Please note that the earning potential is an estimation of realistic figures you can expect to earn from your FOURTH Month onwards when breading successfully with your rabbits according to the Course and Manual provided to you and selling your rabbits back to us at the profit indicated when signing the contract.


The ball is in your hands, rabbits are not hard work if you keep it under 30 Rabbits, max two hours in the morning, and two hours in the evening. You can still do your day job or your wife can stay at home and do the rabbit farm while she has the pleasure of looking after her own children saving you the costs for baby sitters and much more.


Your children that can’t find work after school keep them busy with a proven method that will mean that they can contribute to the rent after 4 months farming and every month thereafter.


You will be given the course on one of our rabbit farms so you know who we are what we do and you will see how we do it. We charge for our time to teach you and the contract that ensures that we will find a market that can absorb all the rabbits you can possibly breed.


Unfortunately we don’t do courses over the phone, so you have meet with us on our farms in Makuyu. Fees for the course are payable in Cash when you meet with your instructor who will provide you with a digital manual of the course in return, you then are given the practical training for as long as you need to cover all aspects of breeding rabbits and you have to respect that the market that we have developed to absorb all the rabbits is part of our trade secrets, what you will be given though is a contract that indicates the 5 year period that we will buy all of your rabbits back from you at KES 200 per live weight or KES 400 per carcass weight.


This is an investment that will give its realistic returns as stipulated in the projected Potential Earnings. If you give your attention during the course and if you can follow basic instructions in our manual this is the easiest money you will ever make.


Hope to hear from you soon:

Contact David Wanjau

Cell 0723 301 507