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Thank you for your interest, it is great that you have the space to grow/breed Rabbits. The market for rabbit meat has grown bigger than our Rabbit farm can provide, instead of starting a new farm, we would like to share our knowledge of breeding rabbits with ambitious Farmers out there who want to boost their income.

Improved Rabbit Breeds available


We specialize in improved rabbit breeds for meat. We can suppply you with various breeds inclluding:

  • New Zealand white

  • California white

  • Flemish giant

  • Checkered giant

  • Chinchilla giant


Pricess for our breeds are as follows:

  • 2-3 months - KES 500

  • 3-4 months - KES 1,000

  • 4-5 months - KES 2,000

  • > 5 months - KES 3,000

Modern Automated Rabbit Cages
Why use our cages?
  • Movement is restricted making fattening quicker

  • Better sanitation reducing costs for medication

  • Automated watering and easy feeding

  • Cheaper and easier to assemble than using wood 

  • Lasts long - life span of 10 years


Specifications of our cages:

  • Hot-dipped galvanized wire mesh

  • Dimension: L.180 x W.60 x H.150cm

  • 3 tier – with 3 cages each (total 9 cages per set)

  • Capacity: 27-36 weaning rabbits

  • Automated watering system

  • Feed trough installed

  • A set of 9 cages cost KES 30,000

Become our Contract Farmer!

Deevabits work in partnership with contract farmers who breed rabbits and sell to the company. As a contract farmer, it is possible to earn between Ksh 50,000 and Ksh 400,000 a month from home breeding rabbits.


We present courses on a weekend basis and can supply breeding stock and cages. With the course you get a contract where we commit to purchasing back all rabbits from breeders like you for the next 5 years. 


One day Courses cost Ksh 3,000. 

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