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Assorted Rabbit Meat

The whole rabbit are cut up into smaller very meaty portions. It cooks easier and better portion sizes can be served. Young & tender white meat rabbit. It is normally packed in 1 Kg punnets. You can subscribe to our promotional monthly rabbit meat deliveries by contacting info@deevabits.com.

Rabbit Mince Meat

Rabbit Mince meat is made of high quality for your to enjoy the rabbit delicacy. It cooks easier and better served with rice, pasta and other delicacies. The mince meat is obtained from young and tender meat rabbits. The mince meat is normally packed in 1 Kg and 0.5 Kg punnets. For our promotional members, you can also add this to your monthly subscription.

Rabbit Sausages

Rabbit sausage is easy to roast, sauté, or grill. However, it is not only suited to whole-sausage applications. Its casing can be cut, and the sausage meat crumbled into sauces or used as a stuffing or filling as you would use conventional bulk sausage.

Rabbit Ham

Our production team is working dilligently yo bring this product to our customers.


Watch this space!

Ready to Eat Rabbit Meat

Welcome to our Deevabits Golfun event to taste ready cooked rabbit meat delicacy. Don't miss this monthly event where we get to have fun playing golf and networking with great minds.