Deevabits Kenya Ltd is the largest company in East and Central Africa dealing with rabbit meat products. Deevabits offers a ready market to all rabbit farmers. Deevabits model’s sole purpose is to create and maintain a platform for buying and selling rabbit meat products. 


  • We are continously innovating and developing equipments for rabbit farmers

  • We generously share information on good rabbit husbandry

  • We are at the forefront of shaping the young but growing rabbit market in Kenya

  • We are working with both contract and non-contract rabbit farmers

  • We support rabbit farmers to comply to our high standards of quality production

  • We have selected certain loyal suppliers to exclusively contribute to the Deevabits model.

  • We subscribe to kind methods in the caring of our animals and the same is expected from each and every farmer.

  • Our animals are slaughtered by registered abattoirs and we are on the list of inspected institutions by the Department of Veterinary Services.


There is a need to lock farmers into our model via a contract to ensure the successful existence of the farming model by not creating competition among individual Farmers.


Deevabits will protect its market, model and its farmers from negative activities by acting in the best interest of its model.

Who We Are

David Wanjau